Weight & Diet

We offer weight management programmes in conjunction with the "Wesley Weight Management Clinic"

Change from... Change to...
Improve your posture Better posture
Feeling uncomfortable completing everyday tasks Feeling energetic with an interest in being active
A sedentary lifestyle
Constantly feeling tired and lethargic A daily exercise regime that keeps you feeling fit
Not being able to fit into any of your clothes Being more confident in your appearance
Overeating at every meal and making poor food choices Reduction in health risks associated with excess weight (diabetes, heart disease)
Feeling depressed and unmotivated A healthier lifestyle and positive outlook on life

Why Start Now?

Have you tried many diets and weight loss programs, but never achieved any long term success?

Do you suffer from:

These are the complaints often heard from people unhappy with their weight. Sometimes it can all seem too hard to change. However, we believe our weight loss programs will help you take that difficult first step, and will be the last program you will ever need.

Lose Weight and Keep it off

If you are a busy professional constantly faced with business pressures, or at home with a family to feed, as long as you are committed and motivated to succeed, the Wesley Weight Management Clinic can cater to your needs. From those who want to shift 3 kilos, to people who want to shed 40+ kilos, the Wesley Weight Management Clinic's medical and non-medically supervised programs have achieved excellent results.

The Clinic's average weight loss after one month is 5.3 kilograms, after a four-month program the average weight loss is 12 kilograms and on completion of a twelve month program the average weight loss is 22 kilograms.

The maintenance phases of our medical programs are essential to your long term success. Contact with the Weight Management team helps assist you to stop the return of bad eating habits and lifestyle habits that often lead to weight gain.