Dr Holt's Story

Dr Michael Holt was a young, successful and dynamic Orthopaedic Surgeon in successful private practice with a perfect life and everything to live for.

In a split second his life was ruined. As he crossed the road, Dr Holt was struck by a car. That momentary loss of concentration changed everything.

With near fatal injuries, his life hung by a thread for days. Although he survived Dr Holt was left with permanent and seemingly debilitating injuries. His previous life was irretrievably lost, and with partial blindness, deafness and other injuries he believed he would never operate as a surgeon again.

After a 4 year battle Dr Holt managed to drag himself up from the depths of depression and hopelessness and rebuild his life, both physically and mentally. He had to reestablish his credentials and demonstrate his abilities, but finally Dr Holt was able to return to the life he once led in private and public orthopaedic practice.

Dr. Michael Holt  Dr. Holt's family Dr. Holt golfing

The story of Dr Holt's horrific accident and complicated road to recovery is well known and on the public record (ABC TV Australian Story 16 February, 2004).

Dr Holt attributes his recovery to the love of his family and also to the financial security provided through adequate insurance. A persistent and diligent Financial Planner meant Dr Holt had the resources to support his rehabilitation. It meant he didn't have financial pressures to deal with in addition to the physical and psychological turmoil he was enduring. Financial security also meant he was able to undertake necessary major building renovations to his home.

Through his personal experience, Dr Holt has become a passionate advocate of the need for risk protection in Financial Planning. He has spoken at many forums in the Financial Services and Insurance Industries, and in response to many enquiries he has produced a Sales Tool to assist Financial Planners and Insurance agents.

The 5 minute DVD details Dr Holt's experience and emphasises the need for adequate protection.

Be prepared for the unexpected

DVD Sales Tool

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